IDM Mining is committed to being involved in the communities of Stewart, the Nisga’a Villages, and northwest BC though sharing clear and timely information about Red Mountain, considering your comments and concerns, and through providing local economic opportunities.

Open Houses

Thanks for having us! We had a wonderful time at the open houses in Stewart, Gitwinksihlkw, and Gitlaxt’aamiks. We had a lot of great conversations and a lot of great food. Your thoughts and feedback will go a long way in our Project planning.

We’ll be back for more open houses, including in Gingolx and Laxgalts’ap, during the Application Review public comment period.

Nisga’a Treaty

IDM respects the Nisga’a Treaty. We will meet the relevant requirements of Chapter 10 (Environmental Assessment and Protection) of the Nisga’a Treaty, including:

·         Working with the Nisga’a Lisims Government to reach an agreement regarding the Project;

·         Conducting an assessment of whether the Project’s environmental effects will affect Nisga’a Nation’s Treaty rights; and

·         Conducting an assessment of the Project’s potential economic, social, and cultural effects on Nisga’a citizens.

The Nisga’a Feedback form below will help us incorporate your interests and concerns into the assessments. Your feedback is important to us and will help avoid or mitigate effects on Nisga’a Nation Treaty rights and potential economic, social, and cultural effects of the Project on Nisga’a citizens. Please fill out a copy of the form and email it to us at